Urdu 1 Drama Hisar-e-Ishq

Urdu 1 is one of the main stream TV Channel in Pakistan, it is very Famous for its Dramas. Hisar-e-Ishq is great Drama Serial among Urdu 1 DramasNo doubt, Hisar e ishq is aired from Friday to Monday, but it is keeping viewers and audiences interest. urdu 1 drama hisar e ishq is written by Salma Younus and directed by Furqaan Khan.

hisar e ishq cast

  • Mayra Khan
  • Humayun Ashraf
  • Rubina Ashraf
  • Asad Malik
  • Kiran Haq
  • Sohail Asghar
  • Hajira

maira khan and hamayun Ashraf

hisar e ishq Plot

urdu 1 drama hisar e ishq is plotted on a feudal system which shows both sides of life, evil and virtue. It covers the life of two brothers jahanzaib and  aalam. Jahanzaib believes in Power. While Aalam Believes in virtue, love and relationship. Hisar e ishq on Urdu 1 proves , how the relations and love is most important. the story drama shows two generations but next generation will make Jhanzaib repent his evil deeds and he will have to admit his faults to bring happiness in many lives attached to him.

hisar e ishq title song

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